Red CrossAll UFC 152 fighters were issued mandatory minimum of suspensions of 14 days for precautionary reasons. Those issued longer suspensions included:
Jon Jones: suspended indefinitely, but a physician can clear him early with an X-ray of his right arm

Belfort had Jones in trouble very early in the first round when the Brazilian locked an armbar on the champion.

Jones said he felt his arm pop, but refused to tap out. He eventually managed to escape the hold and dominated the rest of the way en route to a fourth-round submission victory.

“We haven’t been able to get my arm x-rayed yet, but they’re saying there might be some nerve damage in the bicep,” Jones said in the post-fight press conference.

Jones trainer Greg Jackson about injury

Trainer Greg Jackson doesn’t think Jon Jones suffered any major damage from the armbar Vitor Belfort caught him in Saturday in their light heavyweight title fight at UFC 152.

“It didn’t dislocate or anything,” Jackson told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. “I’m sure it’s just strained, and maybe a bursa sac or two went out, but I don’t think it’s going to be anything major.”

Dana White talks on Jones Injury

UFC President Dana White gave a brief update on Jones’ status on Friday after UFC on FX 5 in Minneapolis, and the outlook is all positive.

“Yeah, Jones is great, he’s fine,” White told MMATorch on Friday. “[Nothing wrong] that I’m aware of. I’m talking to his people daily; he’s good.”

HEALTH UPDATE – Oct 16, 2012

Jones was examined by a doctor in Los Angeles two weeks ago and it was discovered that his right arm, twisted badly in a Sept. 22 bout, had been injured and will require physical therapy and a layoff from mixed martial arts. – Dana White said

HEALTH UPDATE – Oct 09, 2012

A report featured on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight” brought word regarding the status of Jones’ injury. Anchor Todd Harris delivered the following during the broadcast:

“According to Jones’ wrestling coach, Izzy Martinez, the injury Jon Jones suffered at UFC 152 was just a strain with no ligament damage. However … Jones requires a follow up examination in Los Angeles, because, for whatever reason, the camp was told the first procedure may have been incomplete. As of this taping, no word on how that procedure went.”